Wednesday, October 18, 2017

New Paint and Hardware for the Front Door

After painting the living room the front door looked horrible. It has been needing a new paint job and  hardware for years.  Sorry did not get a before picture of the outside. This is the inside before we painted the living room. I painted the inside brown to look better with the beige walls we had at the time. The lighting is horrible where the door is and hard to get a good picture.


 This is the outside door after I sanded it down. I had painted it black a few years ago.

  When we moved in we put a brand new door in but used the old hinges. We had planned on buying new ones later, but never did. That was over 19 years ago.

        Now it has new ones. We had brass hardware and decided to go to silver.

      We also bought new locks and they look great. I love the silver look.

        I really could not get a good look on the inside of the door. I painted it Navy Blue, but it looks 
        black in the picture.

       Here is a better picture of the outside and how it looks. You can see that it is Navy Blue now.

       I really liked out it turns out. Now I am not ashamed of the front door.  HA! HA!